The last 4km!

Jellyfish featured quite strongly in our weekend of festivities and games. We even made a jellyfish pinata. By Sunday, I was ready for the final swim.

I was really pleased that the younger children were keen to join me on this bit of the swim.All in Swanlake Bay, so it was safe. We all feel the loss of Rache, who was such a strong presence at our Swanlake Bay weekends.

With a calm sea, the sun shining, and Lou and Fiona kayaking, it made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Swimmers: Me, Owen, Katy, Libby, Alex, Eira, Steve, Pepe, Gruff, Danny, MaryAnn and Allison.

We were like a line of ducklings, with Lou and Fiona bringing up the little ones at the end.
After a while some of the swimmers went back to the shore, and Libby and Owen took captains’ positions the kayak.

Allison, Steve, Johanna and I continued back and forth across the bay. Allison and I were so well paced we synchronised the entire 4km side by side. 

And then it was over…

The entire swim complete! It was lovely to finish it with the others, and to come ashore into the sun, feeling a sense of satisfaction.

My friend Jan asked me if the swim has helped the grieving process. It has. I still miss both Rache and Russ terribly. But it felt good to swim ‘with’ them, to actively think about them and to be in a place that I spent a lot of time with Rache. If such a thing is possible, I know that they were with me on every leg of the journey. I’ll never forget them, they will be part of my journey forever.









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