Kanifest goes swimming…

Having reached Swanlake Bay, the idea of leaving again to swim off on my own to Freshwater felt odd. Especially so as the Kanifest* was just beginning. (*Kanifest: our annual extended-family get together for Kani’s birthday).

Rache loved the Kanifest. Lots of the people who’d come wanted to do a bit of the swim too, so I decided to do the final 6kms closer to Swanlake Bay in order for the others, including the young children, could join in.

So I planned two swims: one around the headland to Manorbier and the last 4kms back and forth in Swanlake Bay.

The weather was gorgeous and the sea was calm for us on Friday. Dan and Chris took the oars and shepherded 9 swimmers around the headland: Steve, Patrick, Pepe, Kani, Johanna, Eira, Mike, Lou and I. Owen and Alex came with us as far as the edge of the bay and then body-boarded back.

It was a lovely swim, bit choppy round the headland, but we stuck together mostly. Chris and Dan did a speedy bit of kayaking to alert a boat that was coming straight for us and hadn’t spotted the gaggle of swimmers.

I love swimming into Manorbier Bay, seeing the castle from the coast, and watching the people on the beach getting bigger and bigger. We were met by Helen, Elin, Gwyd and the twins, and headed up to the pub for a well-deserved drink!



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