Tenby to Penally

Mackerel at last!

It was a calm day the next day, perfect for going round the headland. We caught the early bus to Tenby arriving at 9am ready to get around the tricky bit (Castle Hill and St Catherine’s Island) while the conditions were good.

The tide was quite far in. There was a Romanian man fishing. He’d been there since 6am and caught a couple of mackerel, and a Gurnad. I was jealous, I love mackerel.


Dan got the boat down, we got changed and slipped into the water. It was hardly moving.


We stayed close to the edge to avoid the various boats going out from the harbour and then I sped through a hole in St Catherine’s Island – it was a great feeling –  like I was being sucked through a funnel.



Out the other side was a lovely gentle tide going down towards Penally.


South Beach is a really long beach facing Caldey Island. Lots of people playing, walking, digging. Dogs and kites and lifeguards. And underwater, the visibility was so good I watched shoals with thousands of tiny fish darting around me, in and out of seaweed.

It was peaceful to swim a long stretch watching all this underwater life, and not having to work  too hard. About 3.5 kms in 1 hour, 15 minutes.

And the exciting news was that Dan caught 2 mackerel! Small but perfectly delicious.

We arrived at the far end of Penally beach to the sound of gunfire. The artillery range was in use. And then the clouds opened and the rain started down on us.

Bobble hat on, 5 layers of clothes, raincoat and dashed for the bus.

Back at Swanlake Bay, we cooked baked potatoes and mackerel on the fire – mmm, can’t beat it!



A beautiful sunset, and later the moon, – almost full. I’m gradually slowing down. I love living so close to the land/sea, cooking on a fire, collecting water for washing, moving slowly round the coast. It feels enriching.







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