Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot. Friday 4th August

Following two days of stormy weather with big big waves, the sea calmed down. So we went back to Wiseman’s Bridge to carry on with the swim. The beach was full of families enjoying the sun, the lovely Wiseman’s Bridge Inn was heaving, and there was a great summer holiday atmosphere. Here’s me blowing up my visibility float.

This time, Kani joined me on the swim with her flippers, mask and snorkel, hoping for good visibility, and Dan was back in the kayak. The water was really calm, so we were looking forward to an gentle, unchoppy swim.

We left a pebble for Rache and set off just after high tide with an easy launch of the boat.

Here’s Kani in her freediving mask, and Dan with his summer hat.

In spite of the sun, the water felt colder than last swim, and the first jellyfish of the day made me leap out of the water. They are always a surprise! But we got going quicker and with the gentle waves it was much easier to stick together.

We swam out of the bay and along the coast past the ‘Miners Walk’, where there’s a tunnel through the rock. I remember walking this stretch 13 years ago.

Dan put his fishing lines out but no luck again, unfortunately. We met another man in a kayak also fishing but he’d not caught anything either.

The visibility was pretty rubbish. Here is the view underwater. All you could see was bubbles. So impossible to see the jellyfish in advance. They just hang around in the water, waiting…

We swam along past the beach of Saundersfoot, and dodged a few boats as we went past the harbour and onto a small secluded beach on the other side.

Here we are coming into land. It was 5.30pm when we reached the other side. Just an hour of fairly easy swimming, but we were really cold, and got the woolly hats and lots of layers on quickly. In total, about 2km.



Here is the pebble for Rache tucked into a rock in Saundersfoot.




We walked back through Saundersfoot, through the Miners’ Walk tunnel to Wiseman’s Bridge, eating Dairy Milk; got to the car only to find we’d lost the car key. Luckily, a kind caravanner helped us find the key – You are a star!

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