Saundersfoot to Monkstone Beach. Saturday 5th August

Up early on Saturday morning to do a park run before swim (crikey what’s happening to me – all this exercise!): 5km in Colby Woodland Gardens just outside Amroth. Then into Saundersfoot for a full breakfast.

All the bollards in Saundersfoot had knitted covers with jellyfish and other sea creatures.

Overnight they had been transformed into woolly lighthouses, starfish, octopuses, fish etc. Fantastic.

We walked along the coast path back past the harbour back to our secluded beach. Though, now that the tide was fully out, the beach was long and idyllic.

We stuffed our warm clothes into the dry bags, phoned the Milford Haven coastguard to let them know our plans. They’ve been brilliant so far.


Left a pebble for Rache.


The water was calm. It felt like this would be an easy swim in calm waters.

Dan was hopeful of catching fish.


All was fine until we neared the headland at Monkstone Point.

It only took us about 30 mins to get to the headland. 


We thought at this rate we could get to Waterwynch in a couple of hours.




But coming out of the bay past the headland, the water completely changed. The current was dragging us back.

Dan and Kani, stopped to check their line and found they’d caught a fish!





Unfortunately it was a weaver fish – very poisonous!




So. no luck on the fish front, but on stopping, they spotted dolphins swimming along behind me.

Not that I’m jealous, really,  but while I was struggling with the tide, Dan and Kani were enjoying an amazing  moment of dolphin watching.

But thanks very much to a pleasure boat for stopping and asking me if I was okay.

And actually when Dan and KanKan caught me up and told me about the dolphins I found it quite nerve-racking knowing they were in the water with me and had been following me.

It took an hour to get around the headland!

Finally we arrived at Monkstone Beach – an incredible expanse of sand. Beautiful. 

I found a great place for my pebble. Someone had constructed an amazing pyramid at the back of the beach.

We hid the boat and walked back to Saundersfoot.

Feeling pretty knackered but pleased we’ve made quite an indent into the swim before the next batch of bad weather arrives.

Back to our field in Swanlake Bay to make tea and food on the stove.

[Thanks to Nigel for the stove which he made out of our old car’s wheels – works perfectly!]



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