Testing the Tracker

Less than a week to go now before the start of the swim. I went up tonight to the reservoir to practice using the Iolite GPS tracker. It’s  an amazing device. It attaches to your googles and has little lights on the eyepiece that tells you your direction, your pace, if you’re veering off too far to the left, if you’re going too slowly etc. With all these flashing lights I was starting to feel like a christmas decoration. But hey, it worked. And all being well, I should be able to track my wobbly way around Pembrokeshire.

I’m a bit concerned that the summer seems to have gone, and we’re back to woolly hats.

Kani, Me, Johanna and Eira after a cold dip.

Here we are after the dip from left to right: Kani (daughter 1), Me, Johanna (swim buddy) and Eira (daughter 2). All of them will be joining me at various points on the Pembrokeshire swim.

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