All Set….

I’m all packed and ready to go. 

Although we have no absolute schedule due to unpredictable weather conditions, these are the bays where we can get access to the water and distances between the bays, so we’ll be going in and out of the following places:

Amroth to Freshwater/Swanlake Bay

Amroth (border with Carms) to Wiseman’s Bridge (3km); Wiseman’s Bridge to Saundersfoot (2km); Saundersfoot to Caravan Park (1.5km); Caravan Park to Monkstone Beach (2km); Monkstone Beach to Waterwynch Bay (2km); Waterwynch Bay to Tenby North Beach (1.5km); Tenby North Beach to Tenby South Beach (2.5km)  – Caution Caldey Ferries; Tenby South Beach to Penally (2km); Penally to Lydstep Haven (5km) – caution Penally artillery range; Lydstep to Skrinkle Haven (2km); Skrinkle Haven to Presipe (2km)  – caution Manorbier artillery range.; Presipe to Manorbier (2km); Manorbier to Swanlake Bay (2km); Swanlake Bay to Freshwater East (3km); Freshwater East back to Swanlake Bay (3km)

High Tide/Low Tide:

We’ll go out one hour before high or low tide (depending on which is most convenient) and swim for up to two hours, except on the Penally to Lydstep stretch which is 5km. Not quite sure what we’ll do here yet.


We’ll be checking the wave height and wind speed regularly on magic seaweed:  and on the Met Office weather. 

Artillery Ranges and Ferries

There is no firing on the Manorbier artillery range at all in August, but Penally is pretty active. I’ve attached the dates of firing in August.  We need to watch out for the ferries to Caldey and the pleasure boats. We’ll be letting them know we’re doing the swim when we get to that point.

Swim in memory of Rache and Russ & to raise money for asylum seekers in Swansea.

My motivation is to do the swim in memory of Rache and Russ. I’ll be leaving a pebble for them in each bay.

I’m raising money for young asylum seekers in Swansea through Swansea Bay Asylum Seekers Support Group and Unity in Diversity. Both Rache and Russ were committed to nurturing young people especially those who’ve experienced difficulties.

If you can, please sponsor me:


The coastguard knows about the swim. And we have a VHF radio in case of emergency.

So.. here we go!

Testing the Tracker

Less than a week to go now before the start of the swim. I went up tonight to the reservoir to practice using the Iolite GPS tracker. It’s  an amazing device. It attaches to your googles and has little lights on the eyepiece that tells you your direction, your pace, if you’re veering off too far to the left, if you’re going too slowly etc. With all these flashing lights I was starting to feel like a christmas decoration. But hey, it worked. And all being well, I should be able to track my wobbly way around Pembrokeshire.

I’m a bit concerned that the summer seems to have gone, and we’re back to woolly hats.

Kani, Me, Johanna and Eira after a cold dip.

Here we are after the dip from left to right: Kani (daughter 1), Me, Johanna (swim buddy) and Eira (daughter 2). All of them will be joining me at various points on the Pembrokeshire swim.

jellyfish jEMboree

Just two weeks before I wade into the sea at Amroth. Bit nervous. Dan’s got his fishing hooks ready to catch mackerel from the back of the kayak.

We’ll be cooking on a fire and sleeping in this amazing tipi that Chris and Sarah have lent us.

Chris putting up the Tipi